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Spaces defined, memories sifted: the final development of Lost in Spaces. / 21 August 2014

Penny holds a potato and a masher during her rehearsal of her poem Mash Up.

Penny with a fat potato. Image © Fiona Essex

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In the theatre space at Richmix, Bethnal Green, I hold my teddy. He is as old as me; tatty and dirty-white. He smells of my childhood, a dusty blend of home and babies. I hold him close as I go through my poem Hymn to Daddy, a piece that John O’Donoghue added much to during our mentoring sessions.

There’s less than three weeks ahead before my show goes to Soho Theatre for one night. It will tour next spring, and meanwhile, there will be a date in Liverpool.

I’m in the intense flow of rehearsal, day by day. I juggle challenges such as low stamina and different creative demands, although it is always sweet to be wanted. These days, we work on position, movement, my director Bethany Pitts, taking me through my paces but always calm and encouraging. Even as I fret about how to feed mashed potato to the audience…

The PR campaign, launched last week, ticks along, with discussions about headlines, and who to target. For me it is also about more than only the immediate ticket sales, although a sell-out is hoped for.

It’s about where does the show take me? This is a challenge to answer precisely because I naturally want global recognition and respect as a writer, and as might be anticipated, enough money from this to live well and to develop creative ventures for myself and others.

But world domination is a touch tricky to boil down into a press campaign, on the back of one show. I settle on profile raising and attracting more work, although an agent/manager would be a pleasing bonus to come out of this.

Tomorrow, another rehearsal and lovely Jo on cello for the afternoon.

Time flying fast with the magic that it does when you do something you love very much. 

I do hope to see many of you there on September 8th, to share my spaces and enjoy the journey.