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Lost in Spaces: with mash, memoir and Pepwatch! / 13 October 2015

Penny signing the book Counterculture UK: a celebration

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I'm bad and weary and old and overworked. I'm sad my DAO blog cries out for fulfillment but hey, a crip has to choose her battles. But I'm back, and with the help of my all round fabulous manager, director and organiser Beth Pitts, I hope to be laying down more Pep news over the coming months. DAO is a mighty precious thing too, and I continue in my heart if not with my presence, to support it.

Here’s October, and isn’t it starting to get chilly? Hopefully the cold won’t set in too much – last week at the launch event for Counterculture UK: A Celebration, Covent Garden was reasonably balmy. I contributed a chapter –  Disability Arts and Activism – for this book and was invited to perform a short set of poems with Jo Cox accompanying me as always, so I did three from Lost in Spaces. You can see me in the photo signing the book as all contributors were asked to do. Thanks Supernova Books / Aurora Metro.

Lost in Spaces, my one woman show, continues on its slow paced tour. In October, the show goes to Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester on the 17th. This is very exciting as I’ve never been to Leicester and now I’m taking the show there! I hope I have time to go and see Richard III, as I’m intrigued about how his remains were found, analysed and then buried. There’s a poem in there, I believe!

November and I hit Wolverhampton with Lost in Spaces at the Arena Theatre on the 3rd. More details on this in the next newsletter. I’m rather fond of Wolverhampton, as I have friends there, I’ve seen great art there and I’ve discovered recently that some of my ancestors lived there.

Then I will return with it to London, as part of Disability History Month – more news on that coming soon – and if anyone would like to review or interview me about the shows, do please get in touch.

More about the secret writing project soon…

Conkers and cosy nights to you all.