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Lost in Spaces - the final lift off! / 16 November 2015

Award winning writer, poet, performer and activist Penny Pepper presents her highly anticipated, unique one woman show Lost in Spaces at the Old Town Hall Stratford as part of Together Festival / Disability History Month. Saturday 21st November at 3.30pm.

E Flyer for Lost in Spaces at Old Town Hall Stratford

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Despite the broken shoulder, the crushed ankle and the dodgy eyes (brave crip, hey?!) the show must go on. This Saturday 21st November is the last tour date of Lost in Spaces at the Old Town Hall in Stratford as part of the Together Festival and Disability History Month.

It is a matinee performance at 3.30pm, it is BSL interpreted and it is FREE! I'd love to see you there for this final airing of this spoken word memoir piece, my journey from childhood to the present, touching on key issues in my own life and also those of the disability arts and rights story. Be warned - it's cheeky in parts and not for the under 16s. 

From a memoir based show to the memoir itself, First in the World Somewhere. Please do consider pre-buying the book and / or a book with a package of rewards - book clubs, talks, workshops.

The crowdfuding aspect finished at the end of January, but events can be organise to talk place at pledger's convenience. 

Thank you everyone, and hope to see you somewhere, sometime soon.