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Exciting times, exhausting times / 14 December 2015

A flyer with details of Penny Pepper's memoir First in the World Somewhere

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Times, they are exciting! Despite a broken shoulder and the gloom of winter zapping my stamina.

I told you in my previous blog that I'd signed a contract with the publishers Unbound, who crowdfund the first edition of their books. There have been slow times and then flurries of activity. 

First of all, a big THANK YOU to those of you who've joined the journey and pledged for my  memoir First in the World Somewhere. I'm pleased to say that today it’s hit 32% of its funding total. 

If you haven't managed to pledge yet, would you consider it today, while my name is buzzing around out there?

First in the World Somewhere is an 80s / 90s memoir that many are saying must be published - disability as never written about before, with sex, rock n roll, angst and adventure - and the very beginnings of disability art, including an appearance by our esteemed editor Colin Hambrook in the glory days of DAIL Magazine. Amongst many others, it's been supported by Dame Jane Campbell, rock icon Robert Wyatt and disabled actor/ activist Mat Fraser.

 And there’s an offer for December - £5 off with the code penny15 at the checkout.

 My name has an extra buzz because last week on December 8th, I had a piece in The Guardian: 

'A moment that changed me – a postcard from Morrissey'

I'm hoping this will stir up more interest and get those pledges in! The comments and shares have exploded! The story detailed here is elaborated in the memoir itself, if you want to know more.

What a lovely Christmas present it would be if I can get crowd-funded 100% for the memoir before Dec 25th! 

Any groups, book clubs, arts organisations fancy booking me for an event? You can do this too through making a pledge  - and I can be very flexible in what I deliver. Several have already been booked including talks, signings and workshops. Please visit the page for the range of options - I'm willing to travel within the UK at the very least and can do further afield on skype - or in person if it's a little way into the future. Just to say, pledging has to finish around January 31st 2016, but events can be booked at your convenience. 

Please share and recommend where you can - pledges can be made at this link:

Always with many thanks,

Happy holidays, see you in 2016 for more of this adventure.