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Neal Pearce is a writer, poet, artist, Mouth of Open Doors/Universal locksmith/Cosmic Emissary, prophet (self-proclaimed!)... and obviously slightly mad too!

Neal Pearce: The man with no lame horse

2 March 2011


cover for a fistful of dollars with a picture of clint eastwood, photographed on a shirt

And out of the town of horses rode another:  a hero on a sturdy mare (neither black nor white, nor grey) wielding his sword of truth with words. And he wore a coat from a not-too-distant time and place. Like a comet from a parallel world he rained... and he came in the name of peace; as a cosmic emissary, imparting all he knew of the new time, soon to come. And With its promise of better things for all, his t-shirt proclaimed:                    I               ...

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