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Neal Pearce is a writer, poet, artist, Mouth of Open Doors/Universal locksmith/Cosmic Emissary, prophet (self-proclaimed!)... and obviously slightly mad too!

Wise words from Ozymandias Wizard (little big man in the shoes of Shelley)

10 February 2011


picture of an old key, a gold cross and and white crystal against a red backgorund

The First address This is Neal Pearce (rearrange the letters) cosmic emissary/mouth of open doors/universal locksmith etc,etc. Having spent nearly 44 long hard years of quiet, patient observation, it's now time I spoke. I'll be honest, all of this has made me a little cross - yes! the one you can see in the photo... sorry, I couldn't resist the pun!) But seriously...It's 11.30 on Wednesday the 9th of February 2011 and I have a brief, but important message for you (the first of many). Deny the...

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