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Neal Pearce is a writer, poet, artist, Mouth of Open Doors/Universal locksmith/Cosmic Emissary, prophet (self-proclaimed!)... and obviously slightly mad too!

A Fistful of Doughnuts starring Flint Feastgood

20 April 2011


black and white image of Clint Eastwood

And out of the town of horses rode another: A hero on a sturdy mare (neither black nor white, nor grey) weilding his sword of truth with words. And he wore a coat from a not-to-distant time and space. Like a comet from a paralell world he rained... and he came in the name of peace; as a cosmic emissary, imparting all he knew of the new time, soon to come. And With its promise of better things for all, his t-shirt proclaimed: I work for The Architect of the Stars. I come  to dismantle your...

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The Mouth of Open Doors opens his mouth to speak about fixed (inflexible) beliefs and horizons of the unfixed eye

14 April 2011


gold design on a blue pair of jeans titled horizons of the unfixed eye

It is essential that everybody acquires some fixed/set beliefs through childhood into adult life. As individuals and in society our survival depends on it. Without absorbing common truths and facts, even basic functioning would be impossible, as would shared tasks. However, the downside of becoming too reliant on fixed/set beliefs in order to navigate and progress through life is that all too easily we find ourselves substantiating/justifying things which are far from concrete...

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Jolly Captain Seamus O'Nemesis: Starfleet Commander USS Altercourse; star date 6561

7 April 2011


Gold Buddha statue

Few people stop to think why it might be that humour is such a boost/lift for ones spirits. It's really simple. The answer lies in the fact that humour (often precipitating laughter - even tears!) is our higher dimensional spirit's antedote/relief from what is the Godforsaken lower spirit/mortal being's knotty terrestrial realm. The trouble is that our higher (or cosmic spirit/being) really doesn't appreciate the constraints of its lower Earthly counterpart's mortal spoil. Basically, Our cosmic...

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