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Professor Stephen Strangely chats about the impending space-time tsunami, over a pot of tea... / 30 January 2011

Hopefully it's all just a storm in a tea cup; but apparently something's been going on... a little hiccup, you might say.

It started at the furthest reaches of the ever expanding universe (it needs some sort of gastric band if you ask me) roughly around supper time a Graham's number of years ago.

What happened was, for some (unsurprisingly) unearthly reason the hyperspacial vortices caused the universe to have something of a micro peristaltic spasm; which meant that for a nanosecond it contracted and set in motion a backwards ripple effect...

and now, I don't want to alarm anybody, but basically we've got this sort of spacetime tsunami gaining pace and it's headed our way - should hit us around teatime next Wednesday by my calculations.

It's difficult to say what this will bring - not because I'm choked up about it, you understand, but simply because this sort of thing has never happened (at least not on this scale) before.

Anyway, we've all got ringside seats for this one. So all I can really say is, best of luck and don't panic...

it's a wasted effort. All you can do is sit tight...and don't let it prey on your minds.