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Wise words from Ozymandias Wizard (little big man in the shoes of Shelley) / 10 February 2011

The First address
This is Neal Pearce (rearrange the letters) cosmic emissary/mouth of open doors/universal locksmith etc,etc.
Having spent nearly 44 long hard years of quiet, patient observation, it's now time I spoke.

I'll be honest, all of this has made me a little cross - yes! the one you can see in the photo... sorry, I couldn't resist the pun!)

But seriously...It's 11.30 on Wednesday the 9th of February 2011 and I have a brief, but important message for you (the first of many). Deny the existence of your dark side (for you most surely have one, just as night is contrasted with day)...yes, that little devil within you! Deny it at your peril.

Suppress him and he'll grow steadily and stealthily behind your eyes into a force that may consume you. But See him in your mirror. Let him play a little, and he'll not lead you astray. And do not be fooled by the treason of reason: those constant mis-perceivings we all blindly fall into (by way of the glitches in our all too Earth-wound minds and beings.

For the world as perceived, and the world as it is, are, very often, quite different things. And We should always take heed of this before jumping in with both feet, and with words or weapons of wrath.

We should instead seek the calmer voice and climbs of our own higher spirtual dimension, or cosmic spirit/being, before siding and sliding with our long-time tainted terrestrial spirit/being; bound and wound, around and around our mortal selves.

It's that simple! This is Neal Pearce (learn peace) signing off for now.

Keywords: the dark side