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A Fistful of Doughnuts starring Flint Feastgood / 20 April 2011

black and white image of Clint Eastwood

A Fistful of Doughnuts. Photo by Neal Pearce

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And out of the town of horses rode another:

A hero on a sturdy mare (neither black nor white,
nor grey) weilding his sword of truth with words.

And he wore a coat from a not-to-distant
time and space.

Like a comet from a paralell world he rained...
and he came in the name of peace;
as a cosmic emissary, imparting all he knew of
the new time, soon to come.

And With its promise of better things for all,
his t-shirt proclaimed:

work for
The Architect
of the Stars. I come 
to dismantle your world with my
words; and with my words to rebuild it.