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Jolly Captain Seamus O'Nemesis: Starfleet Commander USS Altercourse; star date 6561 / 7 April 2011

Gold Buddha statue

Gold Buddha statue. Photo by Neal Nearce

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Few people stop to think why it might be that humour is such a boost/lift for ones spirits.

It's really simple. The answer lies in the fact that humour (often precipitating laughter - even tears!) is our higher dimensional spirit's antedote/relief from what is the Godforsaken lower spirit/mortal being's knotty terrestrial realm.

The trouble is that our higher (or cosmic spirit/being) really doesn't appreciate the constraints of its lower Earthly counterpart's mortal spoil.

Basically, Our cosmic spirit (being a very free spirit, and beyond all limits) loathes the fact that our need for so much (all too sobering - even suffocating) order and wholesale pinning down of things - the umpteen ways in which we fix/set our beliefs, codes,systems,infrastructues etc - to attain some necessary points of reference and to (supposedly) ease our navigation upon the sea of life) invaribly leads to our being overly constrained/boxed in; as well as frustrated and often vexed too!

So our cosmic spirit eases these woes through its humour pick me up, as it affords us the means by which we can achieve a lift and thereby raise/boost our deminished spirit levels.

By means of this priceless gift, what it basically does (when you've stopped pulling your hair out, and take the time to ponder it over) is it provides some way of unfixing, subverting and also shaking/mixing up all this clunky order and boxiness, which has our boats anchored on too short a chain.

So now when somebody says, "you're in high spirits today!" You can say, "yes - I've weighed anchor for now and set sail on the free and beautiful briny sea!"

Sliver me Finbarrs, me tarties!