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Rachel Gadsden undoubtedly had a spectacular 2008: artist in residence at Hampton Court and Capture artist for the Handover for the Paralympic Game in Stoke Mandeville, she excelled at every turn. 2009 promises to be something quite different - a new way of being in situ with new accessible equipment and time to build a new body of work. The work she has been waiting to paint all her life.


1 January 2009


The Palace experience is fading, just a memory now, and as I meander onwards, I am finally free to explore the many facets of what it is to be human. The journey has in fact already begun; recent artwork is often large scale such that the physical energy and pulse of consciousness as it embarks on its imagined expeditions is captured within the artwork. I have abandoned the geographic landscape and now take the position of armchair traveller where I capture the moment in front of me. The...

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