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Rachel Gadsden undoubtedly had a spectacular 2008: artist in residence at Hampton Court and Capture artist for the Handover for the Paralympic Game in Stoke Mandeville, she excelled at every turn. 2009 promises to be something quite different - a new way of being in situ with new accessible equipment and time to build a new body of work. The work she has been waiting to paint all her life.

Rachel Gadsden chronicles her Ethiopian Olympic weekend experience

17 September 2009


Rachel Gadsden painting titled Stilt Boys

We had an amazing trip to visit the visit the Southern Omo Valley indigenous tribal groups, in Ethiopia, over the Olympic Open Weekend 2009. It was a powerful experience to spend time with people who live untouched by the Modern World and who rely on instinct as much as anything else to survive. My awareness of fragility and survival due to my life long disability reinforces this observation. Disregarding our obvious differences, while I was amongst the tribal people I experienced an incredible...

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