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Emerging figures ... / 22 June 2009


Untitled painting by Rachel Gadsden

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I'm very representational some of the time, and a little all of the time. But when you're painting out of your unconscious, figures are bound to emerge - Jackson Pollock

The insight that I believe my paintings talk to me might unnerve some, but for me it is a heartening occurrence. Within the isolated studio I find it somehow reassuring to hear the whispers that emerge as I plunge my oil encrusted paint brush onto the surface of the canvas. Any sense of loneliness disappears and as I listen to the conversation I find I am able to transcend reality, and I sink into a world where my sub conscience unravels to direct the narrative. And as I witness the enigmatic imagery emerging within the landscape of the painting I am conscious that I am merely a conduit facilitating the visualisation of an intense corporeal spectacle.

Keywords: visual art