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Rachel Gadsden undoubtedly had a spectacular 2008: artist in residence at Hampton Court and Capture artist for the Handover for the Paralympic Game in Stoke Mandeville, she excelled at every turn. 2009 promises to be something quite different - a new way of being in situ with new accessible equipment and time to build a new body of work. The work she has been waiting to paint all her life.

Leading questions

9 March 2009


image of a semi-figurative painting, mainly in shades of red and maroon

I was lucky recently to have had the opportunity to participate in the Sync 20 leadership programme. I might not be a typical leader in the respect that I don't manage people but I acknowledge that through my artistic practice I can and do have to lead. But this did little to alleviate the trepidation I felt as I embarked on a series of coaching sessions and a workshop. I was apprehensive because I recognised that before I would be able to take a leap, I would have to face my insecurities....

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