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Rachel Gadsden undoubtedly had a spectacular 2008: artist in residence at Hampton Court and Capture artist for the Handover for the Paralympic Game in Stoke Mandeville, she excelled at every turn. 2009 promises to be something quite different - a new way of being in situ with new accessible equipment and time to build a new body of work. The work she has been waiting to paint all her life.

Rachel Gadsden takes us through some of her highlights of 2009

17 January 2010


drawing of a group of figures moving forward

I was introduced to the work of the Danish painter Per Kirkeby at Tate Modern last April. I went to the exhibition purely on a whim. An image on a publicity poster caught my imagination. I knew nothing about the artist or his work but I was utterly moved by his beautiful poetic landscape paintings. They crept under my skin and I have had the catalogue by my side in my studio since. Last April, as artist in residence for Rose Bruford’s International Theatre Symposium, I had the opportunity...

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