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Rockinpaddy (John Kelly) introduces himself to DAO readers. A musician, facilitator and vocalist who will be singing in Graeae’s latest production Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Rockinpaddy endeavours to keep grounded whilst caught up in a whirlwind tour with Graeae!

3 November 2010


photo of the two performers and two musicians on stage performing Reasons to be Cheerful

It’s hard to know where to start with this blog, locked away in my sparse white walled hotel room, with no tv (thrown out the window, rock and roll stylie), no corgi trouser press (dismantled in a moment of boredom) and no complimentary fridge (emptied and out the window with the tv). Hold on, no it’s not, it’s easy. I’m living the dream singing Ian Dury songs every night as a job!! And I’ve just been facebooked to say Time Out magazine have given Graeae's Reasons...

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