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Rockinpaddy (John Kelly) introduces himself to DAO readers. A musician, facilitator and vocalist who will be singing in Graeae’s latest production Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Reasons to be Cheerful is the new production from Graeae. Rockinpaddy (aka John Kelly) prepares to bring Ian Dury’s songs to life.

23 September 2010


photo of singer at Liberty Festival

The significance of Ian Dury, a disabled man with lots to say is obviously important to my new journey. Yet I’ve been into him all my life and there is little doubt that he is an inspirational artist for many. Reasons to be Cheerful has a brilliant and strong narrative written by Paul Sirett and directed by Jenny Sealey, in which Dury’s songs play an integral part and provide the strongest backbone you could wish for.  In this production I’m the band lead vocal and we all...

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