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Sam Jacobs is an award winning Scenographer/ Choreographer/ Director/ Writer and Consultant with over 50 years experience. At 65, after becoming physically disabled, he retrained as a Choreographer. He is also Artistic Director of Found Reality Dance Theatre Company - an integrated, disabled and non-disabled performance company which specializes in training for performance by making performance.

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1 September 2011


Black and White portrait of Sam Jacobs

Here's to being 68, disabled, newly trained as a choreographer and about to go freelance. I had been a full time academic, teaching drama as well as running my own theatre company but I have now been compulsorily retired. I had already been told that I was a liability due to my disability and my several serious conditions. I was just past retirement age and had worked full time, with their approval, for three years past the statutory retirement age. Done a very good job to according to all...

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