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Survivors Poetry aim to publish and promote poetry by survivors; supporting and developing survivor poets and establishing communication networks; making connections between creativity and mental health. This blog contains notes from contributors to the survivors network.

Wendy Young is proud of her mate Anita on Question Time and posts a poem called STARS!

25 June 2013


Star Picture

My dear friend Anita (she of T'Anita in Perpetua/ar thar cummin art t'neet Anita? fame - a tribute from me to her stamina) would not be ignored when she was in the audience of Question Time 20/6/13 when she challenged Boris the Mare sorry Mayor re extortionate renting in London.  He bumbled, she rumbled , he crumbled, she humbled him and I was so proud, she was loud but how else can we be heard!  STARS Of which we all are S.T.A.R plural I wink back At the twinkling...

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Wendy Young on how she came to write poetry...or rather evolved to write poetry

20 June 2013


I wrote 'Sea ‘scape Shuttle' whilst working in a Council office and there was such a lot of rattling and prattling going on from workers het up about meetings etc. that I covered my ears thinking what am I doing here (again) and these words just came into my head. Years after the event, I realise I have always tried to hide so that I don’t have to prove I am worth an existence. Sea ‘scape Shuttle I wish I’d been born at the bottom of the sea Nobody there to...

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