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Survivors Poetry aim to publish and promote poetry by survivors; supporting and developing survivor poets and establishing communication networks; making connections between creativity and mental health. This blog contains notes from contributors to the survivors network.

Wendy Young isn't feeling issues make her gloomy...speaking out kicks you out but.....

29 August 2013


Male Flamenco Singer

'to be silent is to die' - so sayeth a wise flamenco singer in Seville (BBC4 Sunday 9pm) but parents, siblings and extended have killed my duende.  I learned some flamenco and seeing this programme just fired me up, however, 'MY KNEES, WON'T LET ME'.  However, performing poetry does give me a sense of being 'alive' and if only my family were the right way. My father should have been a flamenco singer His shouts echo in...

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Wendy Young and Dave Russell and John Cooper Clarke and high brow bollox

20 August 2013


John Cooper Clarke Laughing

"Do you feel some poetry events appear highbrow and intellectual and pretentious....don't be put off!" were my mentor Dave Russell's wise words that went through my head after doing an open mic where my stuff didn't seem to fit in... even the whoops and applause I got for Celebacy seemed insignificant for my second round... I think I'm threatened by the 'show, don't tell' mob. Then I got home and John Cooper Clarke was speaking to me through the...

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