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Survivors Poetry aim to publish and promote poetry by survivors; supporting and developing survivor poets and establishing communication networks; making connections between creativity and mental health. This blog contains notes from contributors to the survivors network.

Wendy Young eulogises her home town....RIP My Home Town...more blood and bricks are laid down

17 October 2013


picture of collapsing building

I shouldn't go back there - even in the online pages of the local chronicle.  I know I'll be getting airiated about some new story and find that bit by bit by blow by blow how the soul has been ripped out and replaced with....nothing. Whoopee only this number of murders compared with the next town... only these amounts of muggings in comparison.  And now, the Market that has always been an empty, souless monstrosity but better than homogenised shopping for automatons...

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Simon Jenner reports on the sensational Outside In poetry event at Pallant House last weekend

16 October 2013


Ink drawing of a knitted yellow boat sailing across a blue sea by Colin Hambrook

Colin Hambrook's double launch on Saturday 12th October at the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester was - it's too easy to use such vocabulary -  the most inspiring Survivor event since the 21st Birthday bash last year. Partly it was the event itself, curated by Pallant's Deputy Director Marc Steene who spearheads the Outside In series of galleries and Outsider-led art initiatives currently on exhibition at The Public in West Bromwich and Project Ability in Glasgow. Mostly it...

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Anthony Hurford offers the first of a series of blogs responding to Seamus Heaney’s poetry

9 October 2013


Seamus Heaney (1939-2013) was an Irish poet, dramatist and critic. He died at the end of last August which has brought forth many reminiscences in the media about him and admiration for his poetry. He was born in Northern Ireland and his early childhood on a farm called Mossbawn is a vital element to his poetry. He lived through The Troubles and was clear on his stance as an Irish Catholic. Heaney was well recognised in his lifetime. There is a list of awards and prizes he received on his...

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Wendy Young wants to help Kensal Rise Library and finds some interesting history about Mark Twain and Nikolai Tesla

4 October 2013


Mark Twain in Nikola Tesla’s lab

Tesla being the unsung 'father of electricity' and Mark Twain being a good human being they did meet and a picture is attached of MT in NT's lab!......I'm sure I don't have explain what a catastrophe losing local libraries is, unless you are for the Tesco type hyperlibrary we are being offered.  Kensal Rise was opened by MARK TWAIN and I was inspired to write this poem in honour of him and the libary which served me well as a haven and sancutary when I needed...

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