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Survivors Poetry aim to publish and promote poetry by survivors; supporting and developing survivor poets and establishing communication networks; making connections between creativity and mental health. This blog contains notes from contributors to the survivors network.

Anthony Hurford on Seamus Heaney's third collection Wintering Out

18 December 2013


front cover of Wintering Out by Seamus Heaney

I read this book differently, I put it down eighty percent through, completing weeks later. I’m grateful it soaked in slow. But I left my writing late, had to refresh myself before drafting this. Mr. Heaney, as ever, deserves consideration, this collection is so fresh. It is in two parts although I focus on part one, as it has a more obvious theme: it takes us back to a world, I hesitate to say Heaneyland as it's not an exclusive world but inclusive. It takes us back slowly to a...

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Wendy Young found 'Break' in Suffolk and Norfolk

13 December 2013


Break logo

Just want to share in the East of England - I discovered it because of my addiction to charity shops.  Charity Shops Sometimes they make me sad  as they are a link to the past -  seeing a nice tea set or dressing table,  glassware that must have been treasured for years  when people didn't have very much  now in a far corner of a far corner of England, town, street...  and certain clothes, ornaments I saw on my Aunty Kath's...

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The Taxman Cometh for Wendy Young

6 December 2013



Hoping that I don't hold the country to ransom, guess I'll have to pay the tax on the benefit I received for just under 3 months in 2010.  It's too complicated to work out, all I know is I'm tired and weary and that's probably how they get you.

Mad (T)axeman

The Taxman Cometh

And I runneth

(not really - don't lock me up)

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