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Wendy Young woke to a ring of pink hue and was taken aback, on discovering mornings were great / 30 July 2013

Sigh, July, Why?

You see a pink circle of light

Surrounding the City

Reminding you when you felt whole at last

Raking a cotton field in the Haifa Valley

Feeling part of it all

Surrounded by the hills

And watching the sun rise like a giant pink grapefruit

Spreading and colouring the earth

At last waking up - it only took 20 years!

Good to be alive until the humidity hits

And you sink into a drenched sweaty office

Praying the cool morning will stay - like you did back then - trying to make time stand still

Make it beautiful

Make you whole like the fruit you picked

Mysterious gift of light that woke you up

Not needing the two Woolworth savage alarm clocks

To save you from being kicked off the kibbutz

Sigh, July, Why?

Because I’ve been fighting to stay up ever since .






Keywords: poetry