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Wendy Young has started this about 10 do I say LISTEN / 5 September 2013

..because no matter how many times I have tried, I end up with mud on my face, threats, dismayed, disheartened, lost, alone.  All because I keep my trap shut and when I open it, the truth comes out.  So what else can I do but express myself in a poem..but is it myself, am I expressing someone else?  Am I just asking for trouble?  It's serious but I can't help a flippant title!

Gruffalo Soldier



No higher

Than a

Terracotta warrior

And half my age

Round on me

Like a legion of Roman soldiers

And tell me

That I’m


You, nephew

Who grew up

In positivity

Who knew who you were

Coz my brother had learnt

By then

Right from wrong

And from me to you


Your Auntie's and yours

obituary will be

What a bitch you were to me.