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Wendy Young found 'Break' in Suffolk and Norfolk / 13 December 2013

Just want to share in the East of England - I discovered it because of my addiction to charity shops. 

Charity Shops

Sometimes they make me sad 
as they are a link to the past - 
seeing a nice tea set or dressing table, 
glassware that must have been treasured for years 
when people didn't have very much 
now in a far corner of a far corner of England, town, street... 
and certain clothes, ornaments I saw on my Aunty Kath's shelf, 
figurines on my Grandma's mantelpiece 
(though I've never found the bakelite three wise monkeys), 
blue and white plastic sugar, tea and coffee dispensers, 
red rose fancy plates in Aunty Mary's cabinet, 
my Mother's sandals that her trojan feet trod in, 
the magazines she looked at -
dreaming of another life.

I decided to ask a nice girl in the Downham Market shop, "what does Break do?" She explained that they help to provide counselling and visits to people with mental health problems. 

She told me people in the area tend to turn their nose up at these issues. I told her about DAO and hope she will log on as she writes poetry herself.