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Wendy Young's Salome having a bad day! / 11 February 2014

Roses are dead

Violence is cool

Bring me the head

Of the Party that rules!

And just to prove this:

I was shouting at the radio this morning as they announced the Stuart Rose ex M&S head of whatever is to be brought in to advise NHS managers!!!  I could tell them - sling your hooks/go/sod off/too many chiefs etc!!  Why are they treating the NHS like a private enterprise?  Just what we need, run the NHS like a business!  Though I heard this on Radio 4 I must also stop listening to LBC who seem to think managers of Tesco, and Sainsburys can run things.  Seems we're not just getting any manager, this is an M&S manager..mmmm!  Who will he bring in?  Mary Queen of Slops??? 

Bouquet of Barbed Liars!

Stuart Rose


from failing shop


poking his nose

advising managers

how to liase

with us

the plebs!

how patronising

bringing in

his idea of management

anyone with sense

would know