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Aaron Williamson is the recipient of the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary for 2010. He begins a residency at Spike Island, Bristol on 3 February 2010. His blog will cover his work-in-progress over the next 12 weeks. Aaron has been making performances internationally for more than 15 years.

Aaron Williamson's new retrospective of videos/films and sculpture installation is at Spike Island from 30 April

14 April 2010


photo of artist in studio

In addition to the new sculptural installation that I’m currently working on, Spike Island’s curator Marie-Anne McQuay is also staging a retrospective selection of my video/documentation together with films by the Disabled Avant-Garde, 15mm Films and two video works by Katherine Araniello. These will be exhibited on a large screen projection in one of the two enormous galleries downstairs on a showreel, lasting up to 90 minutes. Trying to avoid sounding immodest, this will be a key...

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Aaron Williamson explains the 17th Century Glimmerers, Dummerers, Whipjacks

12 April 2010


photo of art objects

On the Subject of Begging The association of begging with disability is very well-established and so, almost equally, is the counterfeit claim of ‘sturdy beggars’ who impersonate disability in order to maximise their takings. Indeed, there is a branch of literature (representing a decidedly reactionary outlook) that claims many ‘crippled beggars’ to be not only bogus but, in fact, secretly wealthy; accumulating much more money through playing on the public’s...

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Aaron Williamson explores stories about disability and money...

9 April 2010


In the course of this project – which, roughly, is about the interface between begging for money and worshipping meteorites for their being lucky bringer-ons of ‘pennies from heaven’ – I’ve recalled, or been told, darkly amusing, rueful stories about disability and money. Firstly though, a bit of background theory. Historically, receiving charity has been overwhelmingly the most prominent source of monetary gain for disabled people. Most charity advertising (even...

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