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‘Sharing Cultures: Disability and Visibility’ is a project by Anne Teahan, researching disability arts in reference to an exhibition inspired by participation in VSA's 'Revealing Culture' - an international disability arts exhibition of 55 artists, which was on show at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington from 8 June - 29 August 2010. Her blog is a reflection on each day of a week spent in Washington and is the starting point for the research.

Anne Teahan gives an account of her journey through US customs on the way to the Smithonian Institute, Washington DC

9 July 2010


photo of the White House

I have never been to America before. I am in a stationary queue at Charlotte Carolina airport, somewhere in-between planes and layers of security, waiting to be processed. One official looks stern and disapproving; she patrols the queue; she inspects us all. She is unimpressed. Another official walks alongside the queue and says ‘Hi, welcome to Charlotte and where’re you from?’ to every single passenger in turn. In a friendly but efficient way he conducts a high-speed...

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