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Visual Artist Caroline Cardus believes the hoops disabled people have to jump through in life are often inexplicable, unintentionally comical, or possess a weird logic only the person themselves is privy to. Caroline blogs about experiences in life that make her want to make Disability Art, and discusses the collaborative projects she is currently involved in.

A Touch of RADA - Caroline Cardus introduces herself with a tale of how early experiences of impairment shaped her career

19 July 2010


Two magazine images hung on fine thread casting shadows on a wall on a wall

I was always a somewhat clumsy, socially awkward child.  In the early 70’s, you generally were or you weren’t, without many of the labels kids with invisible impairments are given today. When I fell over in the playground at the age of four, I screamed my head off. Probably, as it was the end of the day, I also irritated the hell out of my teachers.  Despite my wild screaming, they could find no bruises or cuts on the ankle I claimed to have hurt so badly. Even then I was aware of...

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