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Judging the eight Stroke Association art nominees: Angus Igwe / 27 June 2012

Over recent years I’ve been involved with supporting Interact Reading Service and The Stroke Association, two charities that help people with stroke.  I do so as a result of my experiences as a stroke survivor.  This year I was pleased to be invited by the Stroke Association to help judge the art category for its Life After Stroke Awards 2012. 

The winner we chose was Angus Igwe. He was presented with his award in London on 20th June. Angus is 60 and had a stroke in June 2006 which left him with a number of physical disabilities including the loss of use of his right arm. 

His only words are ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and he is unable to write. Prior to his stroke, Angus was a psychotherapist. It is only since his stroke that he’s become interested in painting and he paints after adapting to using his left hand.

Judging the eight Stroke Association art nominees was an extremely difficult task. It was not possible to separate the art works from the very moving stories that resided behind them. 

Seeing Angus’s art and meeting him was inspiring and has put a lot of things in perspective for me, including why I create art and the nature of art’s importance to the human condition.