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Who does the life of the puppet belong to? / 28 July 2015

photo of the head of male puppet with its arm apparently holding it up off the floor

The puppet, Lazarus. Image © Jan Zalud

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It’s great to be working again with the puppets. Seeing them move again makes me aware of what a great art form it is and why I love it.

Having a great time! Not feeling tired. I am amazed at how well my body is coping. It’s much easier rehearsing from a wheelchair than I thought, but I miss not be able to get up and join in the warm up. 

We had our first work-in-progress for '3 Stages For Lazarus' at Hastings White Rock Theatre in early July. I'm aware I'm tackling a big theme. Full of archetypes. Knocking on quite deep doors. But it's so encouraging what's coming out.

We have a great team. It's a challenging piece to rehearse and makes a lot of demands on the performers.

We had an interesting discussion recently around the theme of the show. It was about who the apparent life of the puppet belongs to? The puppet, the puppeteer or the audience?