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Commissioned as part of DAO's Diverse Perspectives programme, based at Salisbury Arts Centre, and juxtaposing the motivations of creatives and their audiences, Creatives in Con.Text is grown from conversations around access in it's very broadest sense. Con.Text pieces evolve through performance conversations to present research and evaluation as textual art.

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11 November 2012


A rosy cheeked, overstuffed fabric angel in a candy-pink striped dress and scarf. She has fat little wings and two bristly tufts of brown hair.

Reading through the Con.Text Blogs, I don't get much sense of the conversational adventure. While the project itself is taking shape, the conversations need always to be beginnings. I did want the blogs to go somewhere, to have a story, but their story of making needs to be the blank canvass on which Con.Text takes shape.   The words and poetry that make it into a blog are like preparatory sketches and may, or may not, be revealing the essence of the finished piece. Extreme situations,...

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