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Commissioned as part of DAO's Diverse Perspectives programme, based at Salisbury Arts Centre, and juxtaposing the motivations of creatives and their audiences, Creatives in Con.Text is grown from conversations around access in it's very broadest sense. Con.Text pieces evolve through performance conversations to present research and evaluation as textual art.

Getting ready to exhibit...

8 February 2013


a pair of hand drawn wings, extended to the sky, white on dark blue.

'Creatives in Con.Text' has come together, the incubation period is over, the edit is almost done. Some things have become crystal clear, others still nudge at the edges of consciousness. Progressing the work worried at me while I was still refinding me. Impractical notions for its presentation raged in and out of conscious thought while I was clutching at my hot-pad, ignoring the spaced-outness of painkillers and telling myself that tomorrow all would be brilliant. Eventually I let...

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Assembling Con.Text

14 December 2012


small scraps of muslin from the soft sculpture figures, photographed and edited in Photoshop, to produce an abstract image in black, and cream with purple blue giving the impression of a small black hole.

I have ambition beyond my current skills. Con.Text evolves in my head. The whole process of producing these works has steadily evolved, but in spite of my efforts to grow alongside my ambitions for delivery, the necessary technical ability remains elusive. 'View: the Con.Text' appeared in a simplified format that was sort of ok because it was the first and, with a second project: 'Underwater Con.Text' already underway, I was happy to keep imagining the development and pursue the process of...

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