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Reading will be a bonus / 4 March 2013

Now that DAO has this sophisticated new image and things are settling down again, it's time to think about publishing 'Creatives in Con.Text' online.

It has been ready for a while and I have been considering how to physically present it for 'People Like You' - the exhibition. Originally I had planed to screen it, but from conversations I have gathered that there are a lot of people in Salisbury who have had enough of screens.

From a dithery wilderness I finally decided on scrolls, ('Creatives in Con.Text' is in three parts, so there are three scrolls) and I have been mulling over ways to present them. As a general rule I'd say that people don't read unless given an incentive or a challenge, so I hoped to find an attractive way to present the scrolls, to make them visually interesting even if people don't read them. The reading will be a bonus.

Wherever I exhibit I need the art to relate to the given space, to dialogue with the architecture to create layers of access points, and with 'People Like You' I think the roots that represent hopes and longings make easy connections to the building and its history. Echoing the white roots, I have made white tubes for the scrolls, and given each tube it's title, plus a designation and some helpful information. The idea is to display them with a magnifying glass and a nod towards the white art-handling gloves that are now rather going out of vogue.

When I exhibited 'Crumpled Poems' they were on metres of fabric left in crumpled heaps on the floor, and I was delighted to see people persevering in their efforts to unravel and read the texts. I hope accessing 'Creatives in Con.Text' will be an equally fun and rewarding experience.

Art is a mirror she said
and in the mirror you may take
the more detached view of
what you see in other people's words.
Looking back at you is
the universal in the personal;
the Mandelbrot set that reveals
the whole in each ever increasing
magnification that continues,
restless, the fractal journey
into the infinitely minute.