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Dolly Sen is a writer, director, artist, filmmaker, poet, performer, playwright, mental health consultant, music-maker and public speaker. She has 8 published books since 2002; has taken on performance roles at The Young Vic, the Royal Festival Hall, and around Europe; undertaken a poetry tour; won a poetry award from Poet Laureate Andrew Motion; directed two plays and several TV films; and performed spoken word at City Hall and Oxford University.

Senseless flame - a poem

13 June 2011


blue man

The fire of your passion. Of your rage Of your life Would make the stars laugh If they could even see you  You are a senseless flame Hiding behind a flesh That cries in secret and judges other insignificant flames Behind insignificant scars  You are a light that needs to burn A light that this rat race has made putrid  No wonder the stars Laugh cynically At these little flames Ashamed Of the light they shed  You must burn A cage will be your payment  Perhaps it is...

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The Mad Ten Commandments

7 June 2011


Well, have been away a while, but this is the year my soul felt like it was dying. By virtue of having a job and the expectation of me to be 'normal', when normality feels like a barbed-wire enema, is sucking the soul out of me. It just grinds on my values. Of course, not all mad people are sensitive, free-thinking people, but I think quite a few are and are being punished for their reactions to a venal, judgemental world. To me, someone yelling to people in a bank that they won't find their...

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