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This Diverse Perspective is looking for the heart of Portugal Prints / 8 December 2012

Portugal Prints Royal Academy Workshop

Portugal Prints Royal Academy Workshop

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 My mind is sunshine distilled through a bed of nails, shining but hard to hold, especially also when the skin feels like shifting sands, and the soul and its perceptions seem like a mirage. 

What is grounding me and connecting me to the world are lots of artistic projects. There is a new one on the horizon: I will be part of a project, still in its infancy, that hopes to explore unusual mental states and film, which will be launched in March 2013 at the Barbican, where one of my films will be shown. 

But the thing at the moment that is stroking and calming my amphetamised wings is making this film of Portugal Prints for Diverse Perspectives, commissioned by DAO and the Royal Academy. 

When I researched the film, I went to visit Portugal Prints at one of their bases in Soho. The first thing that hits you is the warmth of the place, you are instantly accepted as family. So I decided to make a film exploring the heart of Portugal Prints. I am very near the end of making the film, just two more days of filming next week. I have already filmed their haiku event at the Tate Modern; I have interviewed Kate Horbury, the ex-access officer of the Royal Academy, about her love affair with Portugal Prints; and I have filmed a linocut printing workshop at the Royal Academy, run by the artist Phil Baird and the amazingly named Becky Jelly, which was attended by Portugal Print members who created some beautiful stuff. 

The crux of the film though will be the filming next week, where I will film at the Soho base and interview members about art, mental health, and the heart, which for so many has been told to shrink, but where at Portugal Prints, you see the greenhouse of hearts grow.

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Phil Baird

21 March 2013

Dear Dolly, nice article. I agree about your feelings for the work and people of Portugal prints. I have been involved with the organisation since the late 90's and it has always had wonderful, creative, unusual, people and artwork.

I so agree that having lots of creative projects does wonders for a person's mental Health. You and your filmworks are a great asset. Its great for you to have such recognition and for the creative robust community we are part of. Seek out the work of Dolly Sen!

Dolly Sen

8 December 2012

Portugal Prints had a Christmas Exhibition, where they were selling art and xmas cards, and there I found a heart.