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Dolly Sen isn't about to sell out - except for maybe a roller-skating giraffe / 24 February 2010

If you want me to sell out, pay me more than £149.

I got an email last week, out of the blue, from an advertising company saying they wanted to place an ad on my website, namely the page with one of my short stories.

It is a re-write of Jack and the Beanstalk called Jack and the Dreamstalk, about Jack trying to steal his dreams back from psychiatry. What was funny about the whole thing was that they wanted me to put an ad from Aviva, the insurance company, and they only offered me £149 to do so. 

If they wanted to put an ad in a story about not selling out, they should think twice about the money they offer to do so. Needless to say, I turned them down. I am not against advertising, but please don't take the piss, innit.

I prefer to advertise my friend's fledging business, such as which I am helping out with my writing skills.

But I am waiting for the rent-a-rollerskating-giraffe before I wear sponsored clothing!

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