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Dolly Sen posts Recovery Film by Michelle McNary / 12 June 2010

When I used to believe in Recovery as concept and practice, I took part in a film about the subject matter, made by my good friend Michelle McNary.

I think she made a really touching and powerful film. It was made for our local Mental Health Trust, so my decision to wear my mad pride t-shirt was deliberate!

Recovery and mental illness: part two continues a series of edited testimonies from system survivors on youtube


Keywords: film,mental health,psychiatry,psychosis,recovery


Dolly Sen

16 June 2010

I think the recovery model has been hijacked by mental health services to become meaningless to the people who use their services.

I like the term resilence rather than recovery.

I have noticed when I have said to professionals, that I need to recover from the way psychiatry has treated me, and yes, put me in several positions of abuse, they don't like it, they go quiet, or tell me not to be so negative if I want to get 'better'.

Like I have said before: I do not have mental health difficulties; I have living in a selfish, venal and judgemental world difficulties. I cannot 'recover' from being human because I was born one, or so my birth certificate tells me, but I am not so sure...

pink pjs

15 June 2010

what do you feel about 'recovery' now Dolly?