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The Fundamental Good of The Human Being?! / 7 July 2011

The Fundamental Good of The Human Being

The Fundamental Good of The Human Being

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I have started doing collages, actually there was a compulsion to do a collage of a human being. Maybe I was just feeling all that was wrong with the world, but in my psychosis, human beings were growing shark heads.

Is psychosis a collage of the cutting outs of reality? Dunno. But my source material isn't women's weekly, it is the complex human being.

I get frustrated with people who say humans have fundamental goodness. Tell that to any human being who has died at the hands of someone of his or her own species. It's an insult to them.

No genocide victim will wear that t-shirt, I am afraid. There are both sides to the human. The only thing axiomatic about it is the choice between the two.



Keywords: art,collage,psychosis,subversion,the dark side,visual art,


vince laws

14 July 2011

it reminds me of the benefit system. i feel like a duck thrown to sharks.

ben paley

8 July 2011

At first I misread your title and thought the image was of the Fundamental *God* of the Human Being... the shark head kinda makes sense that way too...


7 July 2011

Love it ....can I post this to friends in America....which is where I live and work. I am a good friend of Colin Hambrooks so talk to him.....

The art of being human is a human being art.

love Joe

Isha (Marysia Kurowski on Facebook)

7 July 2011

I love it - that looks a bit like the way I'm feeling at the moment!

And I agree with your description too. Thanks Dolly.

Johnny Poofter

7 July 2011

I like the idea of psychosis as a reality collage.

There was an early psychoanalyst who said Life as Art - Neurosis as a Failed Work of Art. To which I added, Psychosis if Failed Work of Surrealism - or maybe psychotics just need better audiences?

Colin Hambrook

7 July 2011

That is just such a brilliant image Dolly! Funny humorous and frighteningly scary at the same time. I couldn't agree with you more about psychosis as collage - its all those bits that get muddled up and can take you to another place in the process.