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Ems Coombes is the founder and project manager of Strictly Collaborative - an inclusive theatre company based in Plymouth. Her blog documents her journey as an emerging disabled artist; includes interviews with a series of artist/ performers; and sets about inventing a treasure hunt for those key inspirational moments in a disabled artists life.

All these beautiful things and I get stuck with paperwork...

24 June 2011


several performers holding objects above their heads

I need to be a doer, a go getter Not a sitter and a thinker (Although it is an important part of the creative process!) but I need to find a balance. This lack of self confidence is an issue. A big issue. (Although the fact that I don’t know what I am doing may be a factor) ' not waving but drowning' floundering wanting to give up over and over again 'cry me a river, cos ive cried a river over you.' It’s a steep learning curve but which direction? The creative part is the bit I get...

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