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Ems Coombes is the founder and project manager of Strictly Collaborative - an inclusive theatre company based in Plymouth. Her blog documents her journey as an emerging disabled artist; includes interviews with a series of artist/ performers; and sets about inventing a treasure hunt for those key inspirational moments in a disabled artists life.

Ems interviews Caroline Bowditch, choreographer and performer, who is currently working with Scottish Dance Theatre

28 April 2011


photo of face of dancer Caroline Bowditch, smiling at the camera

Ems Coombes: Caroline Bowditch, Hello and welcome to the Artist Treasure Hunt. Caroline Bowditch: Thanks for having me. EC: That’s okay. It’s quite exciting, isn’t it. CB: (Laughter) It is exciting. Why is it called the Artist Treasure Hunt? EC: Because I want to find other artists. Other disabled artists. So I’m hoping that I’ll find new blood. CB: Are you going to make a map and mark where the treasure is? EC: Maps are so one of my things. CB: Well, there you...

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Ems interviews reknowned actor and co-founder of the Burmese Theatre Workshop, Andrew McLay

18 April 2011


A black and white photo of actor Andrew McLay

Ems Coombes: So this is quite a new project. It’s called the Artist Treasure Hunt. Andrew McLay: Hello. Thank you for doing the interview. If you can tell us a little bit about your practice and what you do, that would be grand? AM: (Laughter) I’m a director and a writer and an actor. I have my own company called the Burmese Theatre Workshop. It is made up of Burmese actors. We meet once a week at the moment and we devise and write script and we perform. My work tends to be more...

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Ems interviews Garry Robson, Director of Fittings Multimedia Arts

1 April 2011


The Artist's Treasure Hunt Garry Robson: I loved to perform when I was a kid. But was told fairly early doors that, because I was disabled, there was no point. Because, you could never be an actor, because you’re disabled.

I think I was told that when I was about 12, you know. So my way around that was to be a musician instead. Because nobody cares about musicians to say, you know – Ems Coombes: Yes, tell me about. (Laughter) GR: You know what I mean. They can be all sorts of...

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