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Ems Coombes is the founder and project manager of Strictly Collaborative - an inclusive theatre company based in Plymouth. Her blog documents her journey as an emerging disabled artist; includes interviews with a series of artist/ performers; and sets about inventing a treasure hunt for those key inspirational moments in a disabled artists life.

THE ROAD TRIP [from Leeds to Dundee: Interval]

31 January 2012


digitised photo of a bidet

My Bidet. Yep, I'm dedicating the whole interval to my bidet.  I had never experienced a bidet before, sure I had seen them in pictures, tv and films, but not in person. To say I was thrilled does not cut it. I couldn't even bring myself to use it. To be honest I wasn't really sure how? I knew it was for washing your penis, but I had also heard that it was for washing your bum - a replacment for toilet paper, saves getting toilet paper stuck in your crevices, but surely it...

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THE ROAD TRIP (from Leeds to Dundee)

30 January 2012


digitised photo of a sunset over a service station

I feel a little strange saying this, but it was difficult to leave. I saw little Maddy at the door as Jon helped me take my huge wheelie bag (which many have said is like an old lady bag. It is a well known fact that as soon as you have a stroke you revert to being a 60 year old. I am a prime example of this. Anyway, it's not an 'old lady bag', it is green and, I think, quite trendy. And she was waving at the door. It surprised me. It's not them per se, but the situation, oo...

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The Road Trip (from Plymouth to Dundee) continued...

26 January 2012


photo of a disabled woman with a belt to hold a sound recording device

I am in my hotel room in Dundee, I have been here since Wednesday and I am so relaxed. I have had the best time ever. With so many crips here I can relax and be myself, because I am not the only spac, no one looks at you as if your strange..and even better than that we are all artists trying to succeed and, dare I say it, change the world! So much has happened that I am clambering over my letters as I try to get all the 'golden nuggets' out in haste but I will try to make it as clear...

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The Road Trip (from Plymouth to Dundee)

17 January 2012


photo of ems coombes

The plan is to get to Dundee by Wednesday 18th January for a Spac Symposium or Crip conference (my words). On my journey I shall be continuing with the 'Artist Treasure Hunt' which, I am hoping, will be quite fruitful as there will be a plethera of Disabled Artists up in Dundee and I shall catch them all....well maybe not all, but some. As my plans had changed, I came straight to London to see Sushila, Lindsay, Steve and Indie. Well, I say 'straight', I missed the junction at...

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