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Hanging in the Balance - call out for participants / 9 September 2015

wet plate image of a wheelchair hanging in a tree

Draft wet plate image for Hanging in the Balance. Follow the project at: #hanginginthebalance.

Zoom in to this image and read text description

As disabled people, we have a deep sense of threat and despair about our future: a future that ‘hangs in the balance’.  

 “Austerity exists in other countries, but no other countries to my knowledge has targeted disabled people in the way that the UK government has.” 
 - Simon J Duffy, director of The Centre of Welfare Reform.

To symbolise the regressive affects of welfare reform and fragility of our existence, I am working with historical photographer Michele Selway to produce ‘Hanging in the Balance’.

‘Hanging in the Balance’ is an ethereal set of wet plate photographs of disability related paraphernalia hanging ominously in the trees.  

Inspired by Liz Crow’s ‘Figures’ this project will carry on highlighting the deeply troubling effect of austerity through art activism. 

Liz states: “My life is hanging in the balance because the fragile security I felt I had built up over the years has gone completely …. all the practical arrangements I have been able to rely on are uncertain.”

I would like to accompany these plates with statements from disabled people highlighting how their lives are hanging in the balance.   

If you would like to contribute, please email with your statement by 1st November 2015, and let me know whether you are happy for your name to be used with your quote.    

Thank you, Gemma Nash

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