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Electric Cello Diary: Prayer / 7 February 2013

Someone very close to me, is having a major operation and this short phrase is an expression of love for that person (with whom  I am in a long term relationship) as well as a prayer.

Sometimes it happens that through the cello I connect with my spiritual side.

As it's work in progress, I didn't quite get the character on the open strings I would have liked. I dream of working without all the boomy hiss, which is driving me up the wall and for which I apologise. The signal from the pick up my electric cello came with isn't particularly strong, so I am planning
when funds allow for an upgrade.

Recently I have had the privilege of a fund raising advice session with Dipak Natali at Shape's Pop-Up Gallery. I now have a much better understanding of why I didn't get the funding for the Electric

Cello Diary and the work I have to do to address this. It really is going to be a lot of work and the most important thing for me right now is to think of realistic ways I can actually get the work done, whilst keeping on top of the rest of my schedule.

Lucky me, my partner is very supportive of my work and this is a great help. Borderline Personality Disorder can make relationships fraught with difficulty, pain, agony and drama! I think that a turning point for me was having CBT and now I have developed many skills to manage BPD in a relationship. My experience of BPD has also helped me to help my partner in various ways. Another positive is that BPD is often associated with sensitivity and passion!

I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day and if you are not into
anything soppy, check this out, industrial metal played by cellist Tina Guo.