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Katya Robin observes the language of public spaces, our ambivalence with these structures. Her cross-media works reflect common sayings and assumed knowledge. Research-based practice reveals abstruse historical and culture associations. Her research and participatory art project, Hexopolis, observes urban geometry, linking this with social access. Angry and articulate about access.

Six Points about Public Access & Democracy

10 May 2015


'Votes for All' chalk text on hexagon paving at the threshold of the  stairs and ramp access at Charter Square, Sheffield on Polling Day 2015.

For Polling Day I revisited Charter Square to hold a rememberance action.  Slogans, referencing the Chartists' Six Points, were chalked on the paving slabs. Allthough it was built with ramps, rather than access for all adaptations being awkwardly retro-fitted, like many underpasses, it is little-used. Charter Square is a crumbling Brutalist  development, notable for its hexagonal paving and tiling. It is a barren memorial to the Sheffield Chartists.  The Chartists demanded...

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