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Exhibiting logically / 17 April 2015

hexagon shape newspaper collage with texts: ''ALL YOU NEED

newspaper collage by Madeleine Walton (

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Now uploaded my report on the Hexopolis show at  Pages, which was held at The Tetley, Leeds,  at my site, Katya Robin Studio It includes some  of my thoughts behind the unusual dislay methods.   The Tetley has very good wheelchair access in my experience, and although Gallery 1 isn't huge,  I was keen for people with mobility difficulties to be able to get in and look around.

Included in the exhibition were a selection of my research papers. These were suspended on a clothes rail to (a) invite browsing and (b) to be within reach for mobility-aid users. I'm fed up with not being able to see work displayed too high and didn't want to inflict this on others.  The curating interns hung the framed works on the wall at eye level for a 5' person, and understood my reasoning for setting them lower than is the norm.

Included in the show, were five hexagon seats  which I designed and had fabricated. I saw lots of bums on seats, as intended. It was a dense show, lots to look through and various activities for people.

Lots of people enthusiastically completed and displayed the participation sheets. I've also received ideas about  urban hexagons by email, @Hexopolis and through the open call at Curator Space. I need to take some time  over these contributions, and  consider what to do next as it's an open process, led by what the responses and research brings in.