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Wobbly Benchmarks / 8 June 2015

The next stage of the Hexopolis project is to present the work done thus far.

I plan to do this by producing a new artists’ book and holding exhibition combining research, ideas and contributions. This is dependent on finding some funding.

For one my other projects, Standard Measures, I’ve been making measurements in jelly.

Standard Measures evolved to provide traders, builders, engineers, with benchmarks for distance, weights, and volumes. Disputes and deviations were arbitrated in accordance with the Weights and Measures Acts. The Standard Measures are emblems of both shared need and imposed law.

Due to the reference object, upon which measures are based, changing over time or becoming damaged, supervision and maintenance of the object and replicas are needed. The idea is for the measures to be permanent and static, an unchanging reference for public use.

My units of measure were set in edible jelly - individual, wobbly, consumable, fruit-flavoured gelatin desserts. 

I made 10 plaques, each representing 10 units, measurable multiples of 100 jelly units. Their decimal markings, 1 and 0, have reference to binary calculations. They were placed over the now unused imperial Standard Measures, at Sheffield Town Hall.