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Katya Robin observes the language of public spaces, our ambivalence with these structures. Her cross-media works reflect common sayings and assumed knowledge. Research-based practice reveals abstruse historical and culture associations. Her research and participatory art project, Hexopolis, observes urban geometry, linking this with social access. Angry and articulate about access.


18 January 2015


English: Planet Saturn - Hexagon Vortex and Rings

At HEXOPOLIS HQ we’re getting ready for an exhibition about our on-going research, highlighting key themes in omnipresent hexagons. Once you start looking, you may notice they are everywhere, near and far, ubiquitous and astonishing. At Saturn's North Pole there is a hexagonal vortex of cloud larger than Earth. Flat-pack furniture is typically held together with hexagon socket bolts and assembled with a free Allen (hex) key. Hexagons are currently a big design trend: hexagon...

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