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Katya Robin observes the language of public spaces, our ambivalence with these structures. Her cross-media works reflect common sayings and assumed knowledge. Research-based practice reveals abstruse historical and culture associations. Her research and participatory art project, Hexopolis, observes urban geometry, linking this with social access. Angry and articulate about access.

HEXOPOLIS: Now open for participatory art!

28 February 2015


Hexopolis: Your Idea Here. A sample template sheet for participants to add their ideas about hexagons and cities.

I’m showing my thoughts and interpretations of hexagons and the city at Pages | Leeds International Artists’ Book Fair, exhibition continues until 22 March. I’m also opening up my research project for crowd-sourced ideas and contributions. Join in the public participation at The Tetley, see venue website for access details. At the opening (6-9pm, Fri 6 March) there will be paper crafts, making hexagon love letters and hexaflexagons. Or you can participate via the Hexopolis...

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HEX in the CITY Part 1

9 February 2015


'Look Up Look Around Look Down' cover of photobook by Katya Robin

Awareness of hexagonal pattern and structures in the city crept up on me.  It was through little explorations around the city centre that the patterns and shapes got into me. There is nothing aimless about my exploration of the city.  It is hemmed in by access limitations.  The quality of the pavements, do the dropped curbs connect, or leave mobility-aid users stranded disconnected from onward journey? It’s all about advance assessment. Might the return journey be too long,...

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